Elevate your experience

We have other services in order to make your experience or event more memorable and unforgettable

Bar Tender

Tailor-made Cocktails to Complement Your Meal

Elevate your dining experience with craft cocktails prepared by our talented bartenders. Each drink is carefully crafted to pair perfectly with your meal and create a moment of exceptional flavor.

Fire Work

A Show of Lights and Colors

To make your occasion truly unforgettable, we offer an exciting fireworks display. Light up the night sky with a cascade of colors and lights, providing a stunning finale to any event. Be it a wedding, birthday or any special celebration, fireworks will transform your moment into a memorable spectacle.

Regardless of the occasion, our private chef ensures that every meal is a safe dining experience. Offer more than just a meal; We offer a complete, multi-service experience for you and your guests to make the most of. Book now and transform your everyday moments into unforgettable culinary celebrations.


Professional Care for Little Ones

For busy parents who want to enjoy a relaxed meal or special event, we offer professional babysitting services. Our certified caregivers care for your children with attention and care, allowing you to relax and enjoy your time with us. Whether for a night out or an event during the day, we provide peace of mind for you and fun for the little ones.

Music Band

Live Soundtrack to Accompany Your Experience

Add a special touch to your meal with a live band. Our talented musicians create an immersive, personalized soundtrack to enhance your dining experience. From smooth jazz to upbeat rhythms, the music provides a memorable and enjoyable atmosphere for all your guests.

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